One of the biggest factors that will determine the success (or failure) of any project or business is the ability to control costs, with specific focus on cost minimisation.

Cost control is central to our service offerings at DVB. Working with senior management, we will: * Identify and build cost control procedures * Review key cost centres to ensure required output is received * Analysis of supply chains and purchasing systems * Procurement Strategy * Full Cost Control and Return of Investment (ROI)

Cost control is key to your business breakthrough

Manage your business expense and derive maximum efficiency through the use of effective cost control strategies. Also pertained as cost management, cost control can be used to your best advantage when you implement strategic approach.

Cost control involves a combination of methods that involve reasonable resource allocation, maintaining essential functions and cost reduction.

DVB Consulting assists every entrepreneur or business owner in attaining the maximum benefits of cost control through the management of resources, operation costs and implementation of business-specific strategies that answers your needs.

Resource Management

It is essential to carefully evaluate several different vendors before selecting and finally deciding on which supplier will cater your product’s raw materials. As you ensure that the goods are of top quality, you must also make sure that right after manufacturing, you can sell these goods at a reasonable profit margin. To sustain your profit margin at an acceptable range, it is your goal to purchase those raw materials at low and fair rates.

Evaluate your business operation’s level of production and efficiency. Using the results derived from the evaluation, you can minimise time and material resources and thereafter increase productivity. The end-result of taking this necessary step will be greater production using fewer resources, and ultimately increased profits.

Cost Reduction

A number of cost reductions may be applied within the actual framework of the operation itself. This would include ensuring that materials are moved from end-to-end processes smoothly and efficiently, further reducing costs associated with time and labour.

Follow standards and place limitations on spending for your different goods and services. Work within your set budget wherein the actual costs do not exceed the amount allocated for each specific function.

In order to accomplish effective cost control, DVB Consulting works with each proprietor or stakeholder who has the purchasing authority. It will ensure that quality standards set by the company is attained upon each purchase and also evaluate if the product is the right pick having the balance, of being both top quality and cost effective.

It is DVB Consulting’s goal to help each company retain more of its revenues as net profits, which in turn can be utilised to retire debt and create more financial reserves for the company’s future expansion plans and projects, including other endeavours like research and development. Results generated from the professional and top quality services of DVB Consulting will definitely benefit the company, its owners and investors, and its employees.