DVB Consulting is the leading business adviser located in Brisbane.  Working with the largest and most successful companies within and out of the country, we bring technical expertise that significantly improves and transforms current business practices.

Business process

DVB Consulting firmly believe that a successful business is the one that welcomes improvements, transitions and modifications.

Business issues analysis

Every client has unique business process improvement needs and DVB Consulting tailors management strategies custom-specific to your needs.

Business process improvement

No matter what type of industry, many businesses have gaps or problems in their management and business process improvement systems that can greatly affect their performance.

Change management

Change Management is one of the most popular concepts used for revamping the existing business strategy that you are following. It is basically a tool to assess the needs of your business.

Hands-on cost process and management

DVB Consulting believe that the Cost Process and Management can be a simple task when objectives are defined and clarified and all parties are engaged effectively.


One of the biggest factors that will determine the success (or failure) of any project or business is the ability to control costs, with specific focus on cost minimisation.