Why DVB?

DVB Consulting is the leading business adviser, located in Brisbane. Working with the largest and most successful companies within and out of the country, we bring technical expertise that significantly improves and transforms current business practices.

Whether you’re looking for a long term role to drive and sustain cost cutting, medium term role to process improvement, or you’re targeting to finish a short term project, we have the professional skills that will add value to your organisation.

What does a business advisor do?

As Australia’s leading business advisor, our job is to guide your business and/or its units through a structured improvement process that will take effect and improve all the areas of your business.

Whether it’s about restructuring a business department, implementing a cost cutting program or improving performance in general, it is our commitment to bring the best external skills and knowledge and provide the best case practices in working with your management to increase your business efficiency.

A business advisor is a specialist contracted on a semi-permanent basis to provide business owners and managers professional advice. A business advisor has specialised knowledge in a wide array of fields like information technology, supply chains and human resources among others. As it is a competitive career, most successful advisors are backed by a strong educational background like MBA in addition to formal training.

Why hire a business advisor?

Successful and large companies, with their own regular staff of specialised area managers, still hire business advisors to provide fresh perspective and develop new ideas and frameworks in cooperation with a full-time manager of a department.

Somehow, a business advisor’s goal is aligned to that of an auditor as he will identify ways to avert waste and enhance efficiency. But once a challenge has been identified, the advisor will offer alternative approaches and models for consideration rather than just a sole remedy.

Smaller or developing companies rely more strongly on the services of a business advisor as these enterprises would like to expand their businesses in new directions. It is indeed vital to choose the right advisor, one that knows how to focus on your business, taking the lead to your optimum success.

A business consultant operates in a rewarding, yet highly competitive field. Hiring a business advisor that is backed by technological expertise and empowered by professional and international experience on the field would prove to be essential as most traditionally-trained business managers fall short in these fields. Some technology professionals lack management skills and on the other hand, some traditionally-trained managers lack technological background.

A business advisor like DVB Consulting will bridge gaps and ensure results.

Benefits of working with DVB

DVB Consulting works with companies that are trying to balance their business growth and keeping up with their day-to-day business demands.

Whatever is the size of your company, DVB Consulting can be your valuable partner for these reasons:

Skills and methodology. If you don’t have an in-house expert in for a sales process or a strategy development, it’s much easier and more efficient to bring in an outside expert.
We assess your situation and provide you with solutions. We don’t end the process by just telling you what to do but we guide and train your business unit to learn the actual skills to sustain growth and continue on with the improvement initiatives.

An objective third-person viewpoint. Privately held companies may have family members who have worked together for over 20 years, thus business and family relationships may become intertwined.
DVB Consulting can come in and address the business issue without risking harm to any relationship. It will listen and partner with you in your project.

The ability to articulate opinions. A company might have the wrong people in certain roles, or their skill sets do not complement the company needs; however, other employees are reluctant to point this out because they are afraid that it may have an effect on both their personal and business relationships.

When others may be afraid to share their opinion, a good advisor comes in and shows ability to question long-standing traditions and assumptions in a company without repercussions.

Also, companies often have long-held assumptions that prove incorrect once the consultant gathers data from employees, customers, prospects and competitors. For example, a company might assume there is only one good way to communicate with customers, but a consultant’s research might suggest otherwise and shed the right light.

A climb up the resource mountain. As companies grow, there are roles or duties that you may need that don’t require a full time employee. A company may need someone to enact a marketing strategy but perhaps doesn’t need a full time marketing officer.

DVB Consulting will bring the skills that you need “as needed”, a variable cost compared to a fixed one.

Effective implementation. Without a consultant, you can make great plans—but do your employees have the time and inclination to implement? Aren’t they best at doing the job they were hired for?

DVB Consulting will partner with you to ensure implementation of a new strategy that will move things forward.

How do you choose the right consultant for your business?

  1. Ask questions about what projects involved the consultant, how the consultant worked and how he delivered and met expectations. This will give you insights into the consultant’s expertise and methodology.
  2. Find an advisor you can trust. This will be the key to a productive relationship.
  3. Make sure the advisor understands the sensitivities and uncertainties of your employees about an outsider. Because the recession has made employees more nervous about keeping their jobs, you should explain why you’re bringing in the consultant and that the person can be a good filter for employees’ thoughts and feedback.
  4. Finally, look for the consultant who is truly interested in your business and seeing it succeed.
  5. Make the right decision by speaking with Dirk van Beekhuizen.